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12 May 2019

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London Craft Week 2019 with Margo Selby


Textile artist Margo Selby will present Tessellation, a 16-piece installation of handwoven textile artworks, at London Craft Week 2019.

Created by textile artist Margo Selby, it is part of ‘The Future of Craft’ exhibition supported by Oxo Tower Wharf, Design Nation and Future Icons within the London Craft Week programme. Each handwoven tile stands alone as a complete study of colour and form, but when assembled in formation, plays with rhythm and movement. 


As part of the Tessellation installation for London Craft Week, on display will be the City Gull Wing Sofa by Decca Home upholstered in Margo's Assembly fabric. This collaboration embodies Margo's ethos of Art Into Industry. Assembly fabric was developed through handwoven sampling in our Whitstable studio, and in turn produced in partnership with a specialist commercial mill through extensive development by skilled craftsmen to emulate the rich qualities and textures of handwoven cloth.

City Gull Wing Sofa The London Collection by Decca Home Assembly fabric

The City Gull Wing Sofa from The London Collection covered in the Assembly fabric by Margo Selby

Find out more about The London Collection HERE or click on the below button to view the collection.





9-12 May 2019

Private View 8 May 2019, 6pm – 9pm

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, SE1 9PH


The Future of Crafts Private View - Wednesday 8 May 2019, 6pm-9pm

To attend The Future Of Craft Private View RSVP is essential:





Margo Selby is a celebrated textile artist, creating distinctive handwoven artworks which unite a modernist aesthetic with the depth and texture that is inherent in woven textiles. Individually handwoven in her Whitstable studio, the artworks are created using a technique called Lampas. Lampas was initially developed in the 17th century to weave decorative brocade fabrics. Margo is now using these weave structures in a new way to create abstract colour studies with a modernist feel.

Find out more about Margo and the Assembly fabric on our blog





For further information on Margo Selby's fabrics please contact




Telephone +44 (0) 20 7352 9578