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Decca London Team

  • Mark Cox

    Mark cox 

    General Manager 

    ROLE at Decca: Responsible for running of the office, management of staff, key project support and general provision of all technical development.

    KEY FACTS: A keen problem solver from a design background, Mark has a deep interest in general art and design, so uses his aesthetic and technical skills to solve problems beautifully. The practical experience he later picked up combined with an in-depth understanding of our factory and the team in China make Mark a versatile figure within the company.

    GET TO KNOW HIM: As a keen cyclist he describes his simple pleasure as “…the moment you roll into a new town on a summer’s day knowing you got there under your own steam – it’s hard to beat that!”
  • James Fiddy

    James fiddy

    Head of Sales and Marketing

    ROLE at Decca: Overseeing sales and presenting Decca's production capabilities,  he works with key clients on complex residential, contract and hotel projects.

    KEY FACTS: James’s initial education in film and animation broadened into a passion for design, and a particular enthusiasm for furniture. His many years of experience in the furniture  industry help him to work with some of the world’s best designers, developing beautiful pieces for the finest luxury interiors.

    GET TO KNOW HIM: James’s proudest moment was appearing (briefly) on screen with his hero Michael Caine. Currently, he is Decca’s cocktail maestro and all-round bon viveur.
  • Ekaterina Sobolina

    Ekaterina Sobolina

    Sales Manager 

    ROLE at Decca: Presenting Decca to key clients and working on residential and hospitality projects.

    KEY FACTS: Following her passion for art and design Katia left the world of management consulting  for a more creative industry. Now with 6 years of experience gained at one of the UK's top end furniture manufacturers, she uses her project management skills, and knowledge of craftsmanship and manufacturing processes,  to deliver the very best of service.

    GET TO KNOW HER: From Moscow originally, she has lived in many parts of the world, and now speaks 3 languages fluently, enabling her to connect well with our client base.

  • Liubov Boguslavskaja

    liubov boguslavskaja

    Project Manager

    ROLE at Decca: Project managing our complex residential projects  and hospitality projects.

    KEY Facts: With a degree in Product Design and understanding of materials and design processes, Liubov joined the Decca London team to combine the creative and technical sides of her nature.

    GET TO KNOW HER: Liubov loves to be inspired by new places and history behind each country she visits.
  • Patrycja Smola

    patrycja smola

    Sales and Project Support

    ROLE at Decca: Providing support for the team on both residential and hospitality projects.

    KEY Facts: Having graduated in architecture, she uses her knowledge gained of materials and technical skills to assist with the design development process.

    GET TO KNOW HER: Photography, fashion and art are just some of her creative hobbies. With a keen desire to travel and see the world, you can often find Patrycja behind both sides of the camera.  

  • Hatice Akbal

    Hatice Akbal

    Showroom Manager and Marketing Support 

    ROLE at Decca: Managing the London showroom and supporting our marketing  efforts by creating content for the website and social media platforms. 

    KEY FACTS: Hatice has a background in interior architecture, graphic design and photography which she likes to incorporate into every aspect of her life. 

    GET TO KNOW HER: Having a passion for travelling means fitting in at least 4 trips a year into her busy schedule. Hatice loves going on long walks and runs with her Shiba Inu. 

  • Karolina Balcer

    karolina balcer

    Accounting Manager

    ROLE at Decca: Looking after the finances, from audit to VAT, inventory to exchange rates, Karolina has the answers.

    KEY FACTS:  With years of experience in accounting,  she has a great affinity with numbers, and  is often found 'in the zone'  whilst grappling with some of the more complex financial issues.

    GET TO KNOW HER: A fitness fanatic at heart, she loves running, cycling, and eating healthily. Nothing competes with numbers though, they talk to her.

  • Shabneez Korimbocus


    Accounts Assistant

    ROLE at Decca: Managing payments and receivables for Decca Europe.

    KEY FACTS: From the sunny and vibrant island of Mauritius, Shabneez brings quiet warmth and also valuable experience having worked at London based City accountancy firms.

    GET TO KNOW HER: Ask Shabneez about her latest read, or the tennis score and she transforms from a shy lady to a chatterbox.