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Decca Paris Team


  • Nicolas De Paoli

    Nicolas De Paoli

    Deputy General Manager 

    ROLE at Decca: Focused on major hospitality and bespoke residential projects, and generally supervising technical aspects of product development.

    Nicolas has a deep interest in manufacturing processes, and his technical sensitivity helps him to translate design concepts into beautiful and functional pieces of furniture. Using his many years of experience, he will try to solve problems and help above and beyond, making him a trustful and helpful team member on complex projects.

    A petrol-head and music fanatic, he is always in search of the next big thing, and finding time to enjoy these two main plesures.
  • Matthieu Judek

    Matthieu Judek

    Sales and Project Manager

    ROLE at Decca: Working with key clients on residential and bespoke projects, as well as assisting on hospitality projects.

    KEY FACTS: With a background in Customer Management and International Trade, he is committed to fulfilling the designer’s ideas. His passion for Jewelry brings him a deep understanding of Craftsmanship and has a real focus on detail.

    GET TO KNOW HIM: The four pillars of his life are music, cooking, writing, and luxury Jewelry.
  • Clemence Duval

    Clemence Duval

    Project Co-ordinator & Interior Designer

    ROLE at Decca: Looking after residential projects & Decca Home, she offers help  with aesthetic and technical solutions for bespoke and practical Luxury furniture.

    KEY FACTS: With a degree in Interior Design, she gives perfect support to our designers. Knowing both technical & aesthetics aspects, she builds trust with our designers as she deeply understands their views and needs.

    GET TO KNOW HER: Clemence is addicted to architecture and interiors.  She dives into new projects with enormous enthusiasm and tries her best to make them all perfect.