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Gilding Craftsmanship


We can apply a gilt finish to metalwork and woodwork to add a luxurious feel. It is genreally quite a delicate finish and needs to be applied with care to a highly cleaned steel surface. With all our leaf finishes, it is possible to create extra depth to the colour by adding  an antique patina which is applied by hand. This is created by using particular coloured varnishes to the leaf, which gives a mottled and aged look. We often use technique for our popular antique silver leaf finish, which a bright silver leaf that has a yellowish varnish applied, which tones the brightness down gives the leaf a light gold colour. 

Decca Europe Gilding Craftsmanship Blog Decca Europe Gilding Craftsmanship Blog

Gold is produced in leaf form that is available in a range cts, from 6ct white gold to 24ct extra thick gold leaf. The ct of the gold refers to how many parts in 24 is pure gold. Therefore, 24ct is pure gold whereas 12ct is half gold and half of other metals. In the world of gilding, the industry standard is 23.5 karat gold-leaf.

Decca Europe Gilding Craftsmanship

Bespoke accent table by Decca in gold gilt finish.

Decca Europe Gilding Craftsmanship Blog

150002S Gilt Round Mirror in Silver Leaf finish.