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Yachts de Paris, Port de Javel - Paris

Yachts de Paris, owned by Sodexo Group offers luxurious yachts as a venue to hire for private events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries as well as exclusive experiences and corporate events.


There are 6 types of yachts to choose from depending on the size of the party and the event.

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group

Decca worked together with the Sodexo Group to produce unique bespoke pieces, paired with items from Decca's standard collections for the luxurious 'Liberty Barge'  moored by the Port de Javel in the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Sodexo invited Decca Furniture to manage the entire project, entrusting us with overseeing the interior design process. This included specification of the furniture, decorational pieces and upholstery items such as curtains and fabrics.

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group

Decca Standard FinishesA selection of standard Bolier and Decca Home finishes used on this project.

To create a cosy residential atmosphere, the finishes were comprised mainly of natural shades, ranging from light to dark, with red-undertones added to some which provided additional warmth. The largely neutral palette allowed for the use of contrast colours and geometric fabrics, creating further interest, while not detracting from the overall balance of the interior.

Liberty is a place that is both bright and welcoming, exuding a high-end residential ambiance that provides visitors with the feeling of being in their own private living room. 

Yachts De Paris | Sodexo

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group63022 Small Arch Coffee Table

63022 Small Arch Coffee Table in #615 Light Oak, from the Bolier Domicile collection.

The retractable glass roof and the wide windows open up to reveal mesmerising views of Paris's landmark monuments, such as the Eiffel tower and the Statue of Liberty by Pont de Grenelle.

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group

The main finishes used on the furniture were from the Decca Home standard collection. However, it was crucial we carefully considered their application to ensure they conformed with the existing  constructional elements on the barge, in particular the fitted millwork and upholstery pieces. 

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group93017Cocktail Table in 921 Cross Silver Leaf, from the Bolier Modern Luxury collection.

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group

92016 Lounge Chair in 923 Asia Cherry, from the Bolier Modern Luxury collection.

 One of the most notable bespoke pieces Decca produced was a large fitted bookcase.  Spanning practically an entire wall, it created a home office environment complete with boardroom table. There are two bookcases on the Liberty, one being located on the main deck and the other on the lower level.

Yachts de Paris | Sodexo Group

Bespoke bookcase with TV unit

The project lasted approximately five months from conception through to delivery.  Using our extensive knowledge and expertise of material finishes and manufacturing processes, Decca successfully guided Sodexo through the design development process.  As a result of this partnership, the two companies relationship is now well established subsequently leading to other projects, including Le Pré Catelan in Bois de Boulogne, 2016.

Le Pre Catelan