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Decca Furniture Europe offers a turnkey service


Price Estimation

The prices for all our furniture collections can be viewed online with a trade account, but these should be considered indicative as we price on project by project basis. For bespoke projects, our centralised estimation department calculate prices based on the materials to be used,  quantities of items, and to a certain extent, the complexity of the pieces. Manufacturing for a global market means we are able to give quotes in a number of currencies, so let us know if there is a preference. We will often, as a matter of course, also request prices for alternative  finishes, which can then be included as price options in the initial quotation you recieve.


Decca Miniature Table


Design & Architectural Support  

Once a project goes ahead, we'll then provide fully detailed shop drawings  for approval. Our CAD department can also provide 3D renders  upon request if required. During this development process will can revise the drawings as many times as neccessary, with the CAD department turning around the revised drawings overnight. If there are specific details you'd like to see then we can request that these are added for you. Our team of technicians and project managers in the factory,  will work with our project managers, to ensure viable solutions. Our teams' experience of the manufacturing process ensures that solutions to production problems are solved with efficiency.

CAD drawing


Finish Development

We have a large selection of standard finishes to choose from, but we also develop bespoke finishes with designers. We have a vast selection of other materials that can be used on projects, and our purchasing department are able to buy in particular finishes or hardware specific to your project.

Finish Development


Production Project Management

We provide full project management, which includes a timeline of key dates, a finish and fabric schedule, and we will also coordinate with other parties working with us on the project, such as fabric & leather editors, component vendors, other material manufacturers i.e. stone, mirror, glass, and co-ordinate with installation teams.

Decca Furniture Assembly



Our standard items are made to order with a production time of 8 weeks, whereas custom pieces and fully bespoke have a production time of 13 weeks. We are able to accelerate prodcution times if a project requires it, and there is a percentage upcharge for this. The quickest production time we are able to offer depends on how complex the pieces are, what materials are being used,  and the factory's workload. For larger orders that require only some of the pieces on first install,  we can split the shipments. Shipping  to the UK or France typically takes around 4 to 5 weeks. Therefore, as a general rule, the lead time for standard is approximately 13 weeks, and for custom or bespoke is 17 weeks.

packing and freight delivery


Freight & Shipping

 Decca uses road transportation,  sea container shipping & air freight.  Most of  orders are shipped to either the UK or France, and this journey takes 4 to 5 weeks.  We are able to ship to any port in the world, and our central  logistics deparmtnet will help us with shipping costs  for dedicated containers, or LCL containers, and will liaise with other freight forwarders, taking care of all neccesary paperwork. All our furniture is wrapped with soft foam and packed in high grade, recycled cardboard boxes. Heavy items are placed on wood pallets. For items that will be forwarded on, we can pack the furniture in wood crates and use double carton box packing to prevent any transit damage.

Decca Shipping Containers


Logistics & White glove installation

Working with our own central logistics department, we generally ship all orders to our warehouses in London and Paris and co-ordinate all logistics from ex-factory to site delivery.  We have a dedicated client storage service, complete with a full inventory per client, in the warehouse. We offer 2 weeks free storage once the goods arrive with us, and can arrange to store items for longer if the installation is delayed. We also provide logistic flexibility and offer various delivery options such as clients' pickup ex-factory, street level delivery, and from simple installation to white glove installation services,  which include packaging removal and disposal.



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