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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year’s literal translation is “Spring Festival”.  It’s a very important time for families, as they set celebrate the lunar New Year together and honour their ancestors. For Chinese people this is the main event of the year, as important and hugely anticipated as Christmas is to westerners.

Carving chinese dragon - Decca Craftsmanship

Carving done by Decca Craftsmen.

With the Decca head office in Hong Kong and our main factory in Southern China, we place significant importance on this holiday, not only to honor our employees and craftsmen at the factory but also to be mindful of its impact on our projects and deadlines.

Decca Employees celebrating Chinese New Year

Decca employees celebrating Chinese New Year with celebrations and gatherings.

As the whole of our Chinese operation closes for the week of Chinese New Year, and all migrant factory workers are given a second week (so that they can undertake the huge travel involved in getting home to be with their loved ones) this is a significant interruption to our usual activities. However there are also company traditions to follow, such as the annual Chinese New Year dinner.

Traditionally Chinese New Year celebrations last a week. During this time, families and extended family members gather to have annual reunion dinners. It is also traditional at this time for families to clean their houses in preparation for any new luck that might be coming their way in the New Year.

The first day of Chinese New Year is set aside to honor ones oldest family members.  It is also traditional on this to host (or just watch) a lion dance, this is said to get rid of bad spirits, and the traditional iconography of lions is often seen in many cultural spheres. Fireworks are also very common during Chinese New Year and are constantly illuminating the skies during the holiday.

Traditional Chinese Screen // Decca

Each day continues with separate meaning and different types of celebrations, and then concluding on the 15th day, which is equivalent to what we might know as Valentine's Day. The last day of Chinese New Year is celebrated by those who are looking for love. On the final day, there is also a lantern festival that marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Each year has a designated animal, and for 2016, this animal is the Monkey.

The animal cycle has a similarity to Western horoscopes, your animal is determined by the year you are born, and then each year it is fun to find out what the soothsayers think will be ahead for you.

Take a look at Chinese Fortune Calendar here!

Carving detail

Some traditional Decca furniture pieces and carvings take inspiration from ornate Chinese details. These are the types of designs and motifs you might see around China, especially during Chinese New Year. Intricate carvings, detailed paintings, and elaborate paintings are what give these pieces that authentic Chinese feel.

Cabinet // Decca Furniture // Chinese traditional furniture Decca // Traditional Chinese Furniture

Stool // Decca Furniture // Traditional Chinese Furniture          Stool // Decca Furniture // Traditional Chinese Furniture

Our Factory in Southern China closes in reverence for Chinese New Year each year. It is particularly important to be mindful of this when working on projects and planning deadlines. The closing of the factory can add an additional 7-14 days to any project lead time; it also has a big impact on quoting and shop drawings.  The best way to plan for this is to put it on your design calendars, and make sure you make any orders ahead of time, so as not to face too much delay with the holiday!

If you happen to be in Hong Kong, take a look at this website outlining some of the festivities going on during Chinese New Year. Sara Lee, a project manager from our Factory, recommended this site to us!

Happy New Year!


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