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The Langham Chicago - USA




Often times, we consider a hotel lobby to be a waiting area; a lounge with just enough comfort to keep guests satisfied while waiting  for their next engagement. A lobby is rarely considered a destination in and of itself. However, The Langham Chicago makes their common areas the centre of attention. The design of the lobby is artistic, fresh, and a place you might find yourself reading a book or meeting with a friend during your stay at the Hotel.

The Langham Chicago_lobby_Richmond Design_furniture made by Decca

The lobby lounge presents a wide selection of carefully designed furniture, providing guests with an area to observe immaculate views of the city through large, expansive windows.

To highlight a specific piece in the lobby, the Macassar Ebony coffee table catches the eyes of many. Macassar Ebony is one of our most popular veneers. Its rich, robust colour makes a perfect background for amber graining. This veneer is used in both modern and traditional settings, and its versatility is what makes it so functional. The table also includes a brass inlay and a locally sourced glass top. This coffee table pairs perfectly with the Brass framed drink tables. Locally sourced White Calcatta was used for the tops of these tables.

Stone is typically an excellent choice for drink tables, as it does not scratch and spills are never a concern.  



Chuan Spa

To coincide with the rest of the hotels sleek and minimalistic design, Decca created custom pieces for a one-of-a-kind look in the Chuan Spa as well. One spectacular piece that you will find is a cabinet created using a wide array of materials:

The Langham Chicago_use of materials_Chuan Spa

The way we cut veneers determines the appearance and visibility of the grain. In this case, a Flat cut Pacific Ash veneer is specified. This means that when slicing a log, cuts are made perpendicularly to the annual rings, giving a very natural and refined look. For a more clear description, view our video tutorial on flat cut veneers:

Flat Cut Veneer from Decca Hospitality Furnishings on Vimeo.

To find out more about different cuts of veneers, take a look at our Veneers and Layup Options article.



Infinity Suite


The Langham Chicago_The Infinity Suite_Richmond Design_furniture made by Decca

The Infinity Suite, or as Langham Chicago calls it, “An opulent retreat in the heart of the city”,  has the space and ability to house up to ten guests. It is equipped with an oversized living room, a private butler pantry, and even a custom painted grand piano. Although all these amenities are functional, it is the timeless and elegant furniture throughout the suite that will truly stand the test of time.

The Langham Chicago_Infinity Suite_master bedroom

Lead designer Richard McCready-Hughes at Richmond worked with team members at Decca in London to create drawings and plans for every area of the Infinity Suite. Rosewood, brass and stainless steel are featured throughout, giving a luxurious and glamorous feel to this posh suite.

The Langham Chicago_Infinity Suite_luxury metals

Decca’s capabilities expand far beyond just woodworking, which allowed us to work on special pieces that required detailed metal work and stainless steel trimming.



Regent Suite

The Langham Chicago_Regent Suite_master bedroom

The Langham Chicago , Trip Advisor’s “Hotel of the Year 2015”, gains popularity through alluring design and a luxurious atmosphere. The aesthetic of the hotel coincides with everything Decca stands for: clean, modern details with emphasis on the beauty of organic materials. Specializing in bespoke furnishings, our craftsmen have the knowledge and skill to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Designers that work with us on bespoke projects first start with an idea or inspiration, then our engineers work with them to create a specific technical drawing that meets their expectations. Once finalized, the drawings go to the hands of our skilled craftsmen for custom, thorough manufacturing.

The Langham Chicago_regent suite_dining room_furniture made by Decca London

The dining and living space of the Regent Suite featured an ebony veneered table with an ebony inlay.  This rich veneer makes for a beautiful dining table. The dark colour contrasts nicely with the simple, light upholstery throughout the Suite.

The Langham Chicago_Regent Suite_dining table technical drawing

The Langham Chicago is not just a hotel, it is a remarkable work of art. We are proud to have been a part of this project. Make sure to spend a weekend in this suite on your next trip to “The Windy City”.