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Conference Room tables

The Conference or meeting table is at the heart of every business. Big decisions and presentations are made there and it is a reflection of what the company stands for.


Decca working with the designer

To give you something special though I need to know a little more about you…


Detailed brief

Decca act as the link between designer and client so, to ensure that we give you what you need, we would be looking for a detailed brief, showing your specific requirements for the bespoke piece.

To get this we would meet with designer and client and do an in depth analysis of the client’s business and how the tables are to be used. Every company is different and have their own set of unique challenges.


Most popular table designs

Decca work with a vast range of designers and offer four core layouts:

modern, stylish and ideal for companies with a less formal approach to meetings.

Oval painted glass dialogue conference table

a traditional conference format, elegant and stylish.

Horseshoe shape
perfect for meetings with audio-visual presentations (60 cm seating space per person).

square or rectangular configuration with a central opening and chairs on the outside – designed for larger groups.

This is modular in design so offers a flexible solution to your conference needs.

Hollow rectangular conference room table



There are a wonderful variety of finishes available with Decca so why not be adventurous? Take a look at the link below. I’m sure you’ll find something you’d like or just let us know what you are looking for.

Decca Contract Finishes

Finishes-layup veneer reverse diamondExamaple of layup veneer reverse diamondExample of Layup veneer reverse diamond

warm, natural and endlessly adaptable.

for that cool, chic look. Can be back coated with any colour and the edges bevelled to emphasise depth and act as a discreet vanity barrier.

Metal inlay
ideal for breaking up the lines on a large conference table. Edge finishes can be brass, polished stainless steel or powder coated for extra durability.

Marble or a polished stone
bringing another timeless and natural element into the interior, with a polished metal edge for added aesthetic appeal.

Polished steel base with polished stone top and polished steel edge detailPolished steel base with polished stone top and chrome edge detail


Key layout considerations

In an existing interior scheme table layout is dictated by the power outlets available. Therefore the design of the table needs to adapt to suit the environment. But in a new schemes you have the freedom to design the table around your design and your client’s business needs. We will work with you to ensure that the table is attractive and eye catching but also practical.

The main question I ask is will it be used for meetings and presentations. If so, what power and IT access is required? We will build those needs into the design. The working environment may be becoming more wireless, but tables still need power and cables for tablets, mobile phones and computers. I recommend a three pin and two USB outlets per person. We always need more than we think so with this layout the client can expand without having to retro fit, at more expense, additional outlets.

If you need power we’ll look at the cabling. Trailing cables look messy and can be a real safety issue in the office. Hidden cables are more aesthetically pleasing and enhance the overall design. Our experienced Project Managers will show you that even with integrated cable management our bases will look light, elegant and modern. Cabling is tracked through the pedestal or base, with removable access panels for maintenance. Typically a power outlet is installed in the floor beneath the pedestal for added convenience.

Data ports can be built into the table top, concealed beneath a sliding or hinged cover – a convenient and practical solution.

Decca power data option on conference room table

Decca Conference Room Table in marble and polished metal

The solution illustrated above is a bespoke Decca conference table showing an ideal mix of practicality, style and IT usability

Decca will give you a table which really suits your needs and gives impact and appeal. Let me show you what we can do.