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Modern Desert: A contemporary finish option for the Domicile Collection

Bolier & Co., a subsidiary of Decca Furniture Ltd., updated the classic designs of the signature Domicile Collection from designer Michael Vanderbyl by introducing a new finish named 'Modern Desert'.


The inspiration board for the collection includes photos of the iconic Kaufmann House, designed in 1946 by Richard Neutra in the architectural style known as Desert Modernism; a young, hip Steve McQueen lounging in the midcentury-modern, Palm Springs home that he shared with actress Ali McGraw; a sweeping, black and white desert landscape from Ansel Adams and the abstract art compositions of Georgia O'Keefe, produced in her New Mexico studio during the aptly-named American Modernism movement.


Domicile Collection with signature pieces in Modern Desert finish decorated with photos of the iconic Kaufmann House designed by Richard Neutra in 1946.

62001-0612 65015-0612 Modern Desert-Domicile-Bolier-Decca

A Crescent Lounge Chair (62001-0615) and a Server (65015-0615) and an iconic image of Steve McQueen and his wife Neile Adams in their home in Palm Springs, 1963.

Georgia O'Keefe's Deer's Skull with Pedernal and Bolier Modern Desert

Georgia O'Keeffe's 1936 painting, Deer's Skull with Pedernal.

The introduction is distinguished by a warm grey finish and bronze accents, creating a sophisticated palette for the assortment of modern classic designs. Together, the designs form a dimensional abstract of earthen tones so often found in the fading light of a late afternoon in the California desert.

Domicile Collection by Bolier - Modern Desert finish palette

Earthen tones of the Modern Desert palette resembling fading lights in the California desert

The Modern Desert addition to the Domicile collection features two dining table, one with a minimalistic design and a frosted black glass inset, and the other with a more traditional design and expandable top which adds flexibility to the room.

65025 Bevel Dining Table (room set)-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

65025 Bevel Dining Table (detail)-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

The Bevel Dining Table (65025)  features a frosted black glass inset.

65016-0612 Expandable Oval Dining Table (room set)-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

65016-0612 Expandable Oval Dining Table with leave-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

65016-0612 Expandable Oval Dining Table (detail)-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

Expandable Dining Table (65016-0615) can accommodate up to 6 chairs

Occasional tables feature incredible, mandala-like top with amber crotch veneer layup, sitting atop slim bronze metal frames.

Domicile Collection - Occasional tables with amber crotch tops

A Side Table (63043-0613) and a Cocktail Table (63053-0613) with an incredible tops in Amber Crotch finish

63053-0613 Cocktail Table with Amber Crotch Top (veneer detail)-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

The introduction of the Modern Desert finish is a direct response to our client's requests for clean, modern lines and light finishes, perfect for those who like earthy, neutral tones in their homes.
65015-0612 Server-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

65015-0612 Server (close up)-Domicile-Modern Desert-Bolier-Decca

A Server (65015-0615) in a Modern Desert finish with base and pulls in Bronze Powder Coat finish

65024-0612 Cabinet Modern Desert-Domicile-Bolier-Decca

These pieces (Shelves 65024-0615 and Stools) can now be seen in our showroom at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Domicile Collection - Stools in Modern Desert finish - Bolier&Co - Decca

Variety of stools in a Modern Desert finish and with back-painted black glass tops

Cabinet 64002-0612_Modern_Desert_Domicile_Collection_Bolier_Decca

The doors of this Cabinet (64002-0615) feature a warm grey lacquer finish

The Modern Desert finish, applied on case goods, upholstered seating and both dining and accent tables, is now on display in our showroom at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour.