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Kinkou - The 'balance' between edge and curve

Created by interior and furnishings designer Jiun Ho, the Kinkou collection reflects the designer’s minimalist aesthetic and global inspirations, including the refined forms of Asia.

Jiun Ho is renowned for his sensuous interiors that blend his minimal aesthetic with global inspirations.


142003 Wood Base Sofa

The multi-purpose 143002L Kinkou bench can also used as a coffee table

As suggested by the name, Kinkou means ‘balance’ in Japanese, each piece in the collection is poised between edge and curve with modern details and traditional shapes.

143003 Kinkou Stool in standard finish. 

Designer Jiun Ho harmonised traditional and modern colours for the Kinkou collection. In Asian culture red symbolises good luck, joy, prosperity, celebration, happiness, and a long life.


Red envlopes with money inside are often exchanged for the Chinese New Year, it is also believed that the colour red wards off evil spirits. 

143005AL Bench

The cream linen finish is unique to the Kinkou collection and is available on most of the case goods.  Aside from the linen finish, the Kinkou collection is also particular with it's use of Ceruse finish woods. QTR CUt Ash Veneer is a great example of this.  The cerused effect, alternatively known as limed finish, is when the characteristics of the wood is defined using liming wax or paint to accentuate the wood grain. This technique is preferably used on dark stained wood. Cerused wood dates back to the 16th century and is still a highly desired finish these days. This 'distressed' wood technique is used to create antiqued look and add depth to the surface. 

143004 Oval Stand in standard cerused oak finish


(Left to right) 140005 Stool, 140004 Counter Stool and 140006 Bar Stool

The admired Kinkou stools come in 3 different dimensions to fit different purposes and have swiveled seats.

Custom 140004 Stool from the project The Lakes by Yoo. 

DC305 Black Powder Coat and B1602 White Powder Coat finishes

Optional powder coat finishes 

Custom 140005 Stool from the project The Lakes by Yoo. 

Standard  140006 Bar Stool in 1413 Bronze Powder Coat finish - Dallas Museum Towers - Laura Lee Clark Interiors

The Kinkou collection is distinguished by the use of traditional Asian finishing techniques: lacquered wood wrapped in natural linen, cerused surfaces and Chinese deep red lacquer.

Uniquely designed Linen (145002F) dry bar using traditional Asian finishing techniques.

The exploded isometric projection above shows how the inteior of the dry bar is constructed.

142003 Wood Base Sofa

145004 Dining Table

Square base of the round and square dining tables are fully extendable. 

145005 Dining Table

140001 Side Chair from a private residence project - WRJ Design

140002 Arm Chair

Powder Coated Finishes

Signature hardware is finished in burnished shades of bronze and gold. Each piece in the collection combines a bold profile with scaled-back dimensions appropriate for today’s home.

143007B/S Far East Table 

Powder coat is applied to cleaned steel or aluminium frames and offers a durable finish that can be gloss or matt. We have a variety of standard powder-coat finishes including white, black, bronze, taupe, silver and gun metal.



Meet Jiun Ho

Jiun has traveled to over 110 countries, and fuses his first hand experiences with the art and design of these cultures into his work. Jiun’s passion for travel, great food and fine wine inspired him to create Jiun Ho de Jia, a lifestyle exploration gallery that blends art, cuisine, design and “the experience of living” from around the world. 

More about jiun ho