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Mercedes Me, Beijing


Mercedes me is a concept by Mercedes-Benz that focuses on brand image and lifestyle. Located in the heart of Sanlitun, Beijing, this Mercedes me is the sixth store worldwide, and at 2,500 square meters, it is also the largest Mercedes me. 


Mercedes Me - Outside

With anySCALE acting as general planner, Decca worked closley with the concept designs from the German architecture firm HG Merz. In this role Decca developed a furniture package across all areas of the building, each with specific space related challenges. The timeline for this project, from receiving the initial design concept to completion, was just over one year. This was a particularly challenging task when considering the scale of the project and the high German quality expectations. 

Mercedes GT

With other locations in Hamburg, Munich, Tokyo, Milan and Hong Kong, this particular store is home to a number of distinct environments which include a me Café with juice bar, and a shopping and event space on the first floor, with the space continuing upstairs to Sifang, a Chinese fine dining restaurant, a Lighthaus bar and the AMG lounge area. Decca's flexibilty and quality of manufacturing  is evident in the wide range of pieces produced for these areas. Some of the key pieces are highlighted below.


First Floor

Mercedes Me - Beijing - Decca


First Floor - me Café and Juice Bar

Mercedes Lounge

Decca produced a number of tables and chairs for the interior of the cafe area, with solid oak dining tables alongside cafe tables in white powdercoated steel and laminate finishes. This leads into a more relaxed lounge area with a large banquette seat accompanied by smaller pebble-shaped stools. 

Mercedes Lounge

The wave-shaped recreational benches that reflect the brands logo, made from a single piece of white artificial stone, combine with the pebble cushions found throughout the Juice Bar, turn the space into a bright, peaceful and relaxing area that flows to the outdoor area. 

Mercedes Juice Bar

Mercedes Me Juice Bar

First Floor - Shop

Mercedes Shop - Concept Car

In addition to providing car test drive experiences, there are also a variety of Mercedes-Benz and related peripheral products sold here, reflecting the new Mercedes me concept of cross-border integration. The new Mercedes me store provides access to the full scope of what Mercedes-Benz has to offer. 

Mercedes Shop

Mercedes Shop Display

Visitors are able to experience the brand interactively: they can use digital touch tables, for example, to configure the car they want and, if they're interested in proceeding further, they can establish contact with the dealer of their choice.

Mercedes Me - AMG

Mercedes Me - AMG

Mercedes Me - Touch Screen

Mercedes Me - AMG

Decca developed the Mercedes-Benz pebble electronic touch-type booth, to combine a modern aesthetic with German high-tech.

Mercedes Me - Beijing - Decca

Mercedes Me - Beijing - Decca


Second Floor

Mercedes Me - Beijing - Decca


Second Floor - Sifang Sanchuan Restaurant

Sifang Sanchuan - Mercedes Me

The Sifang Sanchuan restaurant features dishes made with authentic Sichuanese, Yunnanese, and Guizhou flavors, but uses a more refined Cantonese technique in its approach. The restaurant decor features bright yellow hot-air balloon like lanterns which bring a touch of imagination to the diners experience.

The reception area has two floating desks made with a metalic lacquer exterior in a high gloss finish

The dining tables and chairs that Decca produced for the restaurant made use of cast brass bases for added durability and aesthetics. The emphasis was to produce high quality pieces that were in tune with the restaurants fine-dining experience. The quantities of pieces required allowed for this otherwise expensive approach to be slightly more cost effective. 

Mercedes Me Sifang Sanchuan Dining Chair

The dining chairs were manufactured using a cast brass base for extra strength.

The tulip bases of the tables were also made of the same cast brass as the chairs, and the carrara marble tops were detailed with brass edging. The same bases were also used on the rectangular tables for the banquette area, and larger tables feature a smoked glass lazy susan.


Mercedes Me - Beijing - Decca

Mercedes Me Sifang Sanchuan Dining Table

Mercedes Me Sifang Sanchuan Restaurant

Mercedes Me Sifang Sanchuan Banquette seating

The banquette bench seating  in oak, as assembled and photographed in the factory


Mercedes Restaurant Bench

Mercedes Me Sifang Sanchuan Banquette Seating

One of the shop drawings produced by our CAD team showing the construction of a banquette fitting around the mirrored pillar.


Mercedes Me Sifang Sanchuan Private Dining


Second Floor - Lighthaus Bar 

Lighthaus Bar Mercedes Me Beijing

The Lighhaus bar serves up  some of the best cocktails in the area, and has a green and copper colour theme running throughout. Decca provided all of the loose furniture, inluding banquette seating, lounge chairs, stools, and barstools and tables.

Mercedes Me Lighthaus Bar Lounge Chairs

The lounge chairs manufactured for this project come on a swivel base  and are complemented with smaller side tables made of real copper with smoked glass tops.

Mercedes Me - Banquette - Decca

The banquette seating  elelemets were connected and photographed prior to being shipped.

Mercedes Me Lighhaus Bar Banquette Seating

The shop drawing above details the location of different fabrics to be used, and is one drawing in a complete set for this particular piece.

Additional drawings show precise internal structures, and indicate the modular fixings, with each individual part having a particular reference number which is passed on to the installation team to assemble on site.

Mercedes Me Bar

Mercedes Me Lighthaus Bar Stools and Table

Decca's metalwork skills are evident in the bar area, with fine looking barstools and tables made of polished copper 


Second Floor - AMG Lounge

Mercedes AMG lounge

In the AMG lounge, product presentations and visualisations are displayed with floor-to-ceiling LED projections. Guests are able to book test drives in vehicles from the Mercedes-Benz Cars product range. In this area a team of Product Experts are on hand to answer any technical  questions and to provide practical advice on how to make full use of all the vehicle's features, from connectivity services up to driving assistance systems.

AMG lounge Mercedes Me Projectors

The AMG lounge area with projector pods and  ceiling  display screens

Mercedes Projector

The projector pods were made with acrylic glass and incorporated air vents to disperse heat. The unit is cooled with side fans that suck in cooler air at the bottom and expell the hot air out of the top vents.

Mercedes Lounge Stool

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