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Bolier Atelier

Inspired by French modernist furniture of the 1930s, Atelier is designed by Michael Vanderbyl with clean lines and modern proportions for today’s interiors.

Designer Michael Vanderbyl visualised the modern sleek silhouettes of mid-century modern furniture for Decca with a contemporary twist. The Bolier Atelier collection is the third collection designed by Michael Vanderbyl for Decca, and with each collection being very distinctive from the other, Vanderbyl has proven that he is a talented multi-disciplined designer. 

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

112001 Lounge Chair and 114001 Cabinet 

The Atelier collection, under the Bolier umbrellea is considered as an ensemble of timeless pieces comprising of seating, sideboards, tables and cabinets, designed to work collectively. Made up of 28 unique pieces, each piece compliments the other, and elevates the room with its soft curved edges. 'Lounge Chair' pictured above is amongst one of our most prominent pieces throughout the Decca ranges, with its low seat-height and width it is perfect for any room of the house, including bedrooms or even hotel lobbies. 

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

Standard 112001 Lounge Chair and 113002 Cocktail Table produced for Ryan Partners law firm in Beijing.

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

113002 Cocktail Table 

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

110001 Atelier Dining Chair 

The collection is handcrafted in figured walnut, with each piece enhanced by elegant details like button-backed upholstery, scalloped drawer fronts and stainless steel sabot feet.  The use of figured walnut is an inspired choice for this furniture collection, with its specific grain character which combines well with the intricate carved details found on the casegoods.

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

110001 Dining Chair (left) custom prototype in unfinished frame with calico fabric in comparison to standard product (right).

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

Bespoke 110001 Atelier Dining Chair produced for the Wimbledon Members Club.

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

113013 Console Table

The classically modern Atelier Console features a fluted front detail. This technique dates back to Ancient Egyptian architecture and is also used in classical Greek and Roman structures. The archaic technique has made it into the 21st century and is applied to furniture for an elegant and timeless demeanour. Stainless steel was the choice of material for fine details throughout the whole collection and can be seen on the handles, feet, ornaments and the interior. 

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

Standard 113013 Console Table produced for the Wimbledon Members Club.

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

Timeless artistry, Atelier 112007 Paris Chair finished with polished chrome nail heads.  Alternatively,  112006 Paris Chair comes with a upholstered trim finish. 

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

113001 Atelier End Table is a great example of the sunburst veneer layup technique applied to furniture. This technique is an effective application to enhance round surfaces. Each segment draws the eye from the perimeter toward the center. In the image above you can see the bottom round tray projected to above as sunburst veneer. 

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

Sunburst layup veneer can also be seen in 115002 Atelier Dining Table. Layup veneer is also be used on extendable tables and is a exquisite display of Decca craftsmanship.


Two forms of figured walnut have been used for the Atelier collection, one being the figured flat cut walnut and the other is figured walnut with a sycamore inlay. This technique is used to add fine details to the wood by filling in the voids usually with a different colour wood or metal to form patterns. Polished Stainless steel is a popular modern metal choice and is one of the main metal finishes we use in Decca. It's corrosion resistance, aesthetic appearance and recyclability makes it the perfect choice. Antique silver leaf finish is exclusive to the 114001 and 114003 cabinets. The finish is achieved by mechanical gilding and it requires experienced craftsmen to achieve the desired effects.

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

116002 King Size Bed and 113012 Dressing Chest

Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection

  • 114003 Cabinet  is an elegant addition to any home, Atelier cabinet with antique silver star leaf door fronts is beautifully proportioned. Behind doors are three drawers with polished stainless steel pulls and three adjustable shelves. Case back includes louvered ventilation panel.
  • Decca Europe Bolier Atelier Collection
  • Construction of the interior. Antique silver star finish is available to view in our Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour showroom. 

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Meet Michael Vanderbyl

Michael Vanderbyl

Vanderbyl was among the designers who in the early 1980s established the San Francisco Bay Area as a centre of the postmodern movement in graphic design. He established his practice, Vanderbyl Design, in San Francisco in 1973. Over the years his work has expanded from graphic design into the design of furniture, products, showrooms and retail spaces.