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Customised Bolier pieces

Interior design styles around the world are as varied as the countries they represent.

As a truly international company, Decca (of which Bolier is an important subsidiary) has found that it needs to adapt its furniture to clients' needs, where ever they are!

Bolier & Co is the main residential brand of Decca Home, the residential part of Decca Furniture. All the Bolier designs are from renowned American designers such as Michael Vanderbyl,  Jiun Ho and Richard Mishaan.

Since 2007, when Bolier arrived in the UK, a frequent issue has been the overall scale of the furniture. Designed for the US home market where space is rarely an issue, the scale has brought its problems to our more restrained spaces. This is no issue for us at Decca London, as we can customise any of the Bolier pieces to meet our client’s specific requirements.

Bolier standard versus customised versions // Customise Bolier pieces with Decca London!

The above example shows how this can be easily achieved. The first chair is the standard Atelier dining chair, a popular and iconic piece designed by Michael Vanderbyl and taking inspriration from the French moderne furniture of the 1930’s, but it lends itself to customisation. The second piece is a  more petite version for a hospitality project with Joanna Trading. The third example was made for a Middle East project where the client required a “carver” for the more important members of the party.

Line drawings of different designs of the Atelier dining chair by Bolier // Customised Bolier pieces by Decca London

Technical drawings of the standard Atelier dining chair (left) and the customised versions designed for the Wimbledon’s Club dining room (middle) and one of our Middle East projects (right)

Customised Atelier dining chair designed by Joanna Trading for the Wimbledon's Club dining room

Wimbledon’s Club customised Atelier dining chair

Although changing the proportions of a chair may seem very easy and straightforward, it is not only about amending the dimensions, it is also about scaling the overall proportions of the chair and making sure the seat height, depth and width remain the same look and feel.

Customised Bolier pieces // Decca London blog // Customised lounge chair from the Modern Luxury collection by Bolier for Decca Home

Standard lounge chair from the Modern Luxury Collection and a customised version in a white lacquer finish and bright orange fabric that is currently on display in our showroom in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Lobby at The Park Tower Knightsbridge with the Modern Luxury Lounge Chairs

The Modern Luxury lounge chair (92006) is often thought to be very large when you see it in the picture, but actually it is a petite lounge chair that can fit easily even to more narrow interiors. Picture above: Lobby from The Park Tower Knightsbridge, a Luxury Collection Hotel 

It is not only the size of the product that can be adjusted for our clients’ projects, if the designers need to use a specific colour palette, we can also use different veneers or stain them to match. The same applies on metal finishes and variations of glass and stone.

Thebes stool, originally designed by Peter Hunter in the 1990’s for Decca’s Classics Collection,  has been recently revolutionised, simply by use of lacquer and fabric.

 Thebes Stool from the Classics Collection by Bolier and a customised version in black & white lacquer finish // Customised furniture at Decca London

We have both the thebes stool and the smaller Atelier chair currently on view in our showroom at Design Centre East, Chelsea Harbour, it is a good time to come and visit us!

An example in case goods where you can see a difference in both veneer type, colour and shade, as well as a change of metal (and of course overall scale) is in the pictures below. The first is our standard Bolier credenza from the Classics Collection and the other is a customised version made as a one off item for a residential project.

Credenza from the Classics Collection by Bolier (left) and a customised version made for a residential project (right)

The standard piece is made of a quarter cut real Macassar Ebony veneer,  with a black marquina marble top and metal trims in polished brass. The customised piece is made of an engineered ebony veneer, black marquina marble top and metal trims in polished stainless steel finish.

"Using engineered veneers is a great way to accommodate a lower budget without losing the luxurious and glamorous design of the piece."

Engineered timber veneers are created by gluing, pressing and slicing multilaminar sheets of dyed timber. This process provides an unlimited scope of recreating natural veneers with the opportunity of adding various colours and textures. Using engineered veneers is a great way to accommodate a lower budget and achieve a more predictable finish over a number of pieces, without losing the luxurious and glamorous design of the piece.

Console from the Occasional Collection by Bolier (left) and a customised version made for a residential project (right)

Another example of finish options can be seen at the above two versions of the same console from the Bolier’s Occasional Collection. The standard piece is in matt black lacquer, with pulls and base in antique brass finish. For the custom version we used cerused  (limed) quarter cut oak veneer with pulls and base in polished stainless steel finish. You can see that the difference between the two is striking.

Decca London // Rich finish sample library // Can be seen in our showroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Come and visit us!

We at Decca are very proud of our rich finish library displayed at our showroom in Design Centre East, Chelsea Harbour. If you are seeking an inspiration for your new project, feel free to stop by and take a look at all our available samples to choose the right one for you!

To make sure all details are explained properly, you can make an appointment with our sales manager James Fiddy, who will be more than happy to advise you on all options when choosing the right finishes for your new project.


James Fiddy

Telephone +44 (0) 74 4683 0423