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Custom Decca - Redesigning the Standard

We invited our clients to design a room-set, using custom versions of our products, which we will produce as a 3D render.

The public will be invited to vote on their favourite rendered room during the London Design Week show in March, and we will then manufacture the winning collection for Focus/18 in September. After the show, we'll award the furniture pieces to the designer/s as a prize.

We wanted to give the designers complete creative freedom with which to express their style, and we had a fantastic response. Some of the custom changes are so brilliant we cannot wait to see their ideas in the room-set render. Thank you to all who entered, and congratulations to those whose designs we are taking forward.

Accouter Design

Custom Decca Accouter Design
Esra Kumbasar and Jonny Delin

Gartner Lewin

Custom Decca Gartner Lewin

Shelagh Lewinsohn and Zerin Safa

Interior Dressing Solutions

Custom Decca Interior Dressing Solutions

Catherine Gasquet

Interior Folk

Custom Decca Interior Folk Emma Kewley

Emma Kewley

Matt Mehra and Stella Nelby

Custom Decca Matt Mehra Stella Nelby

Matt Mehra and Stella Nelby

Meghana Badiani Interior Design

Custom Decca meghana badiani interior design

Meghana Badiani

Millier London

Custom Decca Millier London

Olga Fox and Danielle Carter

Rene Dekker

Custom Decca Rene Dekker

Rene Dekker

Nathaniel McCarthy

Custom Decca Nathaniel McCarthey

Nathaniel McCarthy

Sine Cera Design

Custom Decca sine cera design

Alia Nassar



The standard shop drawings are currently being revised, and will then be given to our in-house 3D department to remodel the standard pieces. These will then be sent to our partner Unbuilt to begin the process of putting the final touches to complete the room and begin the rendering process.

For the London Design Week show, we will have 3D renders of each room-set and customised piece on display and we will also open the public vote following our launch party on

Monday 5th March.


The winning collection will be announced just after London Design Week in March 2018, and will then be manufactured and displayed in our showroom for Focus/18 in September. The pieces will then be awarded to the design company as a prize.

Mark Cox and Patricia Parayno Custom Decca competition

Mark Cox and Patricia Parayno developing the custom designs

Custom Decca finish samples interior design

To follow the competition search #CustomDecca.


James Fiddy

Telephone +44 (0) 74 4683 0423