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Custom Decca - The Final

The 3D renders for our competition 'Custom Decca' were produced and the public was invited to vote on their favourite room set during the London Design Week 2018.

The winning collection will be manufactured and displayed at Focus/18 in September. After the show, we'll award the furniture pieces to the winning design company as a prize. We wanted to give the designers complete creative freedom with which to express their style, and we had a fantastic response.

Please see the finalists' roomset and final piece renders by clicking on the images below:


Accouter Design



Gartner Lewin



Interior Dressing Solutions



Interior Folk



Matt Mehra and Stella Nelby



Meghana Badiani Interior Design

Custom Decca Meghana Badiani Interior Design


Millier London

Custom Decca Millier London


René Dekker Design

Custom Decca Rene Dekker Design


Nathaniel McCarthy of RPW

Custom Decca Nathaniel McCarthy RPW Design


Sine Cera Design

Custom Decca Sine Cera Design




The Brief

We asked our clients to design a complete room set, using customised Decca furniture, to completely transform one of a selection of empty rooms.



Initial Designs

We received some wonderful design packages and were impressed with the level of work that had gone into the process.



Drawing and Development

The 10 finalists were invited to discuss their ideas with us, and we began the development process by red-lining the shop drawings of our standard pieces to be sent back to our CAD department for revision.



Finish Selection

Throughout the development process the designers chose finishes for their concepts by spending time going through our finish library. A range of materials were chosen from high gloss veneers, bronze and gold leaf metals, and a few incorporated some of our more interesting marbles.



3D Model Development

After receiving the approved drawings back from the designers our in-house 3D team began the process of modelling the pieces to show the required changes.



Final Rendering

The custom 3D models were then sent to our partner Unbuilt for the process of putting in the final touches, such as props and lighting, to complete the room set and finish the rendering process.


Unbuilt visualisation logo


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James Fiddy

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