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Our collaboration with HBA London

Last month, we were proud to be part of the Sleep + Eat event. This trade show brings together hospitality leaders with Europe's foremost designers, architects and manufacturers creating some of the most beautiful hotels, restaurants and bars.

Aside from creating pieces for our own stand, we also collaborated with Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA) to create a few pieces of furniture for their stand and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results. HBA designed their stand in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in London and you could see the most beautiful natural products decorating every 'room' of their gorgeous space at Sleep + Eat 2018.  But before we explore the HBA stand, let's take a closer look at the bespoke products we made for them. 

Four poster bed

KCLD-104 four poster bed Decca

Bedside table

KCLD-101 bedside table Decca



KCLD-103C stool Decca




HBA London at Sleep + Eat 2018

We asked HBA London a few questions to give you an insight into the inspiration behind their beautiful stand at Sleep + Eat 2018.

HBA London at Sleep + Eat 2018

What aspect of your design style did you want to showcase for the Sleep + Eat event?

At HBA London we pride ourselves on contemporary luxury design and understand that each project will have very different requirement, whether it be for a hospitality or residential client, or here when we are partnered with a lifestyle brand. A unique approach to every project allows us to be playfully creative, with luxurious touches, whilst always considering the end user. Attention to detail and material selection is equally as important to us.

What was the inspiration for your design?

The Natural History Museum is a dream brand partner and their philosophy and way of working have proven to be great sources of our inspiration. We were kindly invited to take a behind the scenes tour where we learned a lot about the origins of the museum's specimens. This was truly fascinating and we fell in love with the idea of collections and the stories of how they came to be. Some of the museum's earliest specimens were brought back by Charles Darwin after his traversing of the globe as he wanted to share his findings with the British public. These aspects of travel and discovery resonated with us as they are both paramount in the world of luxury hospitality design.

Does your room have a name?

An explorer's box of natural curiosities.

In what way did you link your design to your "partner", the Natural History Museum?

We don't want to give too much away about the design itself, however, I can share that we have been hugely inspired by the way in which metamorphic specimens are displayed at the Natural History Museum. We see a correlation between evolutionary learning and the design process and have carried this theme throughout our Sleep Set, from the concepts of change and discovery to the use of new materials and the mapping of the progression of craftsmanship.




We think that HBA London created the most remarkable stand of the whole show. They beautifully combined contemporary pieces of furniture and bathroom appliances with unique wallpapers, light decorations and natural products such as gemstones or even preserved butterflies, scorpions and different kinds of insect.  They managed to create a stunning room that made all the visitors feel as if they could escape the real world for a second and transfer themselves to a luxurious hidden tree house somewhere in the Amazon rainforest.  

HBA London x Decca collaboration-Sleep Eat event 2018

Front entrance to the HBA stand at Sleep + Eat 2018

The stand was divided into three separate rooms: 1) the main room with our four poster bed and bedside tables, 2) toilet on the right, and 3) shower room with a closet on the left. 

HBA London x Decca collaboration-Sleep Eat 2018

HBA London x Decca collaboration-Sleep Eat 2018 bathroom

Shower room with a closet and a beautifully decorated display cabinet

The bespoke bedside tables were decorated with beautiful lighting, educational books and unique gemstones. Each drawer of the bedside tables had wooden dividers and each of them contained different kinds of preserved animals borrowed from the Natural History Museum. 

Bedside tables-HBA London-Sleep Eat event 2018-Decca

Bedside tables detail-HBA London-Sleep Eat event 2018-Decca

There were also these beautiful shelves on either side of the stand decorated with bonsai trees in glass terrariums, some old books and incredible gemstones in different colours. 

Natural History Museum

This mirror was a particularly outstanding piece that struck our attention, it had a mirror on one side and a decorative wallpaper on the other.

HBA London Sleep 2018 Mirror detail




We had our own stand on the Gallery Floor where we showcased some products from The London Collection as well as a few examples of bespoke pieces that we made in collaboration with Dometic, a global manufacturer of mini-fridges and safes. 

Decca at Sleep + Eat 2018

Decca's stand at Sleep + Eat 2018

Overall, we were so excited to be part of this great show along with our talented clients and friends. Our thanks go to the whole team at HBA London for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this incredible project. Thank you and we hope to work with you again soon!


Find out more about Hirsch Bedner Associates on their website.