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Private Residence - Surrey

We were asked by Wish London to make a number of bespoke pieces for a private residential project in Surrey.


One of the highlights of this project was manufacturing a superb desk from initial designs Wish London sent to us. The chosen timber finish is a wonderful book matched walnut burl in high gloss with brass inlay detailing.

Bespoke desk by Decca from Decca London on Vimeo.

The clients were quite particular about how the walnut should look, and so our project coordinator made veneer cut-outs and created a map from the shop drawing to detail where each panel would be positioned.

Bespoke desk by Decca - veneer layup

walnut burl veneer leyout

Detail of the proposed veneer lay up with shop drawing mapping each panel

Once the client had approved the layout, the panels were applied and finished using a UV resistant lacquer so that the desk would be able to withstand the bright sunshine coming into the study area.

bespoke luxury desk by decca

The factory sent us a number of images of the desk throughout the production process

Once completed, the final images of the desk were taken in our factory studio. The rich hue of the walnut and the bookmatching detail can be seen clearly. The desk features lockable push latch drawers and there is a sliding tray situated behind the door on the left.

Bespoke desk by Decca London

The bespoke power bar, as specified by the client, comes with a combination of power, data and USB sockets. We then developed a design to house the unit in-desk and created an attractive removable faceplate using the same brass metal found on the exterior.

bespoke inbuilt power bar in desk

bespoke desk power bar

The cable channels run up from a floor box and then travel up and underneath the dark blue leather upholstered top with two additional outlets on each side of the desk where a removable upholstered grommet is used.

cable system detail

One of the other key pieces we produced for this project is a high gloss extendable dining table measuring 4.4 meters.

extendable dining table by Decca London

Bespoke extendable dining table by Decca

The high gloss finish perfectly mirrors the absolutely stunning fresco landscape on the surrounding walls and is only broken by the mirror finish brass inlay detailing found on the top and base of the table.

Bespoke extendable dining table metal edging detail

The 12 side chairs and 2 carvers were made in the same high gloss timber as the table and are upholstered in a cream velvet.

Dining room Decca London

Luxury dining table-Decca London-residential interior design

Deciding the exact size of the table was helped by drawing the plan view to show the chairs around the table.

bespoke dining table technical drawing

Removing the extension leaves and storing them in the specially made storage bags, the table can close down to 3.2 meters.

dining table extendable system Decca London

Detail of the extension mechanism which closes, and is secured with locks on the underneath for a tight fit

Other pieces in the dining room include a very clean brushed bronze console with a brown smoked glass top as shown below:

bespoke console with smoked glass top Decca London

One of the more unusual pieces we produced for this project was a library chair that folds over to become a set of steps.

Bespoke library chair that transforms into a library stool

bespoke library chair and stool by Decca London

Our craftsmen created the chair from our detailed shop drawings, and the final piece is shown below in situ with a dark timber finish and gold paint details.

library chair and steps in black lacquer

We also made a coffee table for the study which is a custom version of the Bolier Occasional 43028 side table. Instead of using the standard gold leaf, we made the larger frame using brushed brass.

custom cocktail table_Bolier Occasional 43028

A brushed brass frame of the custom Bolier 43028

The client wanted the Arebescato marble top to have lots of interesting veining so we sent the designer a photograph of the actual stone slab we would cut from for their approval.

Marble for custom cocktail table by Decca London

There is also a bespoke console in one of the adjoining rooms that uses the same materials to stunning effect.

bespoke console with burnished bronze by decca

A special thank you must go to the clients for making the development process such fun and allowing us to use photographs of the furniture pieces in the spaces they were designed for. A truly magnificent residence. 




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