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Wireless charging is one of the most highly desired solutions in the commercial workplace

The rise of mobile phones in boardrooms, workstations, meeting spaces and commons areas has allowed users to stay connected and productive, but this demand has also created one of the biggest problems –battery life. DeccaCharge is the convenient and accessible wireless charging solution to battery life issues in the workplace, helping keep busy and mobile workers charged up and connected.


Motile with DeccaCharge, a work surface with embedded wireless charge spot

DeccaCharge is an innovative wireless charging device installed beneath the surface, allowing users to charge their mobile phones wirelessly. Simply place your phone on a table surface above DeccaCharge, and start charging. The unbroken work surface is ideal for design-centric environments, and DeccaCharge supports leading wireless charging standards – Qi and PMA. 


Motile conference tables bring a neat solution for wireless charging



Increased Productivity

DeccaCharge provides easy access to wireless charging to keep employees, clients and team members powered up and connected. The average office worker charges their phone five times more often when wireless charging is accessible, leaving the workplace with an additional two hours of battery life each day. On average, one DeccaCharge location is used over fourteen hours a week by over ten phones, increasing productivity by almost sixty hours every week.

Enhanced Aesthetics

DeccaCharge was created for form and function. It reduces the clutter of power cords to maintain the look and design of your modern workplace.

Seamless Installation

DeccaCharge installs under Decca’s extensive range of beautiful veneers and other surfaces. The hidden technology provides the convenience of on-demand wireless charging while maintaining an unbroken surface in design-centric interiors.

decca london-motile-w-storage-walnut-raised-open-wireless charging point

Motile with DeccaCharge, a work surface with embedded wireless charge spot