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FrameWork™ - A new frame of mind

Designed to reduce extraneous noise and give one person or a couple of people a comfortable spot to work and collaborate without distractions, FrameWork's™ freestanding semi-private pods allow for the creation of 'zones', helping define space and enhance workflow in way that allows people to feel engaged, comfortable and productive.

FramWork sketch_Brian Graham_Decca Contract

The workspaces around the world have gone through a significant transformation; from work cubicles to fully open plan space, many people have realised that they want some level of privacy but they don’t want to feel separated from the rest of their team. Watch the below video with the designer of FrameWork™, Brian Graham, to fully understand the purpose of this semi-private work stations.

FrameWork™ by Brian Graham for Decca Contract from Decca London on Vimeo

“The central idea behind FrameWork was to use furniture as architecture, creating spaces within spaces in a simple and straightforward way.”

B R I A N    G R A H A M      |     G R A H A M    D E S I G N

Re-defining Furniture and Spaces - FrameWork's™ dual - side freestanding structure allows for mix and match components so you can create head's down focus spaces on one side and collaborative or flex spaces on other. You can select from 6 different configurations:

FramWork options_Brian Graham_Decca Contract_modern workspace

Six configurations of the FrameWork™ work stations

FrameWork’s™ individual freestanding work, collaborative and flex spaces address the changing needs of the modern workspace by enhancing work flow, comfort, collaboration and productivity.

FramWork_Brian Graham_Decca Contract_modern workspace_NeoCon showroom

FramWork_Brian Graham_Decca Contract

FramWork_Brian Graham_Decca Contract_modern workspace_NeoCon showroom 2

What are the main features of FrameWork™ ?


  • Integrated power + lighting
  • Height-adjustable work top
  • Large storage doors with cane inset options
  • Overhead shelves specifiable in lacquer or wood veneer
  • Grooved solid wood shelf to store periodicals, tack pins, and dry-erase markers

  • COM tack boards
  • Writable back-painted glass surfaces
  • Standard + exotic wood veneer offerings
  • 4 unique veneer lay-up patterns from herringbone to asymmetrical sunbursts
  • All finishes can be customised using FSC certified wood





Brian Graham_Decca Contract

Brian Graham has been working with Decca Contract for many years now. He designed various furniture pieces for private offices, conference rooms, lounge areas and traditional co-working spaces. You can find out more about Brian’s products in our interview HERE.

“Responding to what’s driving workplace design today, my intent was to illustrate and address the plurality of work-styles in a refined, flexible and space efficient manner.”

B R I A N    G R A H A M      |     G R A H A M    D E S I G N



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