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The St. Regis, Rome

The historic palazzo situated in Piazza della Repubblica was originally introduced to Rome society in 1894 by the legendary hotelier César Ritz and is now home to the acclaimed The St. Regis hotel.


St. Regis Rome, Pierre Yves-RochonThe hotel is located in the city centre, just a few steps from the Quirinale Palace, and a short walk from The Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain.

Renovation of The St. Regis, Rome hotel was led by the distinguished interior design firm Pierre-Yves Rochon in 2015. PYR honoured the proud 125-year legacy of The St. Regis by celebrating imperial details through the sparkling crystals of the Murano chandeliers, intricate mosaics and Venetian mirrors, reminiscent of bygone Roman glory.

The St Regis Rome Lobby Pierre-Yves Rochon Lobby

Design team at Pierre Yves-Rochon combined the Roman classical spirit with a contemporary ‘’Belle Époque’’ style - resulting in a timeless, oppulent and alluring ambiance. Belle Époque literally translates to 'Beautiful Age' and is referred to the years between 1880 and 1914. In this era of France’s cultural and artistic climate the arts markedly flourished, with numerous masterpieces of literature, music, theatre, and visual art gaining extensive recognition. 

Giovanni Boldini and Henri GervexGiovanni Boldini's L’amica del Marchese (left) and Henri Gervex's Un Soir de Grand Prix au Pavillon d'Armenonville (right) paintings capturing life during the Belle Époque fashion, art and interiors. 

The palazzo still maintains some of its original features, the authentic 1894 frescoes by Mario Spinetti has reclaimed its former splendour with the help of meticulous renovation work.

St Regis Rome Pierre-Yves RochonMain Hall 

The project started for Decca in the summer of 2015 when Pierre Yves-Rochon contacted us for their breathtaking upcoming hospitality project.  

King and King Imperial suites at The St. Regis RomeKing Suite (left) and King Imperial Suite (right) 

Highlight Pieces:

Bespoke coffee tables | St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon

Bespoke brass and stainless steel coffee tables featured in the suites. 

Decca produced various loose bespoke furniture including, coffee tables, side tables, cabinets, chairs, chaises, sofas, ottomans and beds for the guest rooms and suites. The guest rooms & suites were split in two phases; Phase 1 started in 2017 and completed in early 2018, and Phase 2 started in 2019 and was completed later on in the year. The last part of the project was the development of the furniture for the Royal & Presidential Suites, which started in 2019 and was completed in early 2020.

St Regis Rome Pierre Yves-Rochon Imperial Room King

The St Regis | Pierre Yves-Rochon

90008 Bolier Classics Side Chair


St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon | St Regis suiteSt Regis Suite living area

St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon | St Regis suite

Highlight Pieces:

St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon | Bespoke FurnitureHighly desired finishes throughout the hotel include warm rosewood, black and ivory lacquer with high sheen, antique brass and polished stainless steel; The modern colour palette used throughout The St. Regis hotel accentuates the uniquely designed classic pieces. 

Colour palette for The St. Regis:

St Regis | Finish Colour Palette


St Regis Rome | Presidential SuitePresidential Suite, living area

St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon | Presidential SuitePresidential Suite, Bedroom

Highlight Pieces:

St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon

St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-RochonMetropolitan Suite, living area

A few pieces from our standard collections have also been used in the luxury suites.St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon

50014 Bolier Rosenau Chair


St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon

Development of the dining tables were especially challenging, the structure of the table with a tall, central post and heavy marble top raised stability issues. In order not to compromise the design and match the overall finish codes of the rooms, Decca suggested adding an antique brass plate at the bottom to increase the surface in contact with the floor. Counterweights were also added at the base of the table to further improve stability.


The St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-Rochon

One of our favourite pieces we produced at Decca is the Presidential Suite desk made with curved plexiglass, black lacquer and brushed brass, which was challenging in terms of development. However the end result was strikingly unique and modern, creating a beautiful juxtaposition amongst the classical pieces used in the room. 

St Regis Rome | Pierre Yves-RochonPresidential Suite, living area

Decca brought their expertise in bespoke furniture production, turning the designs of PYR team a reality. Our role was to study the technical feasibility of custom designs and develop bespoke products with high standards of quality, within a short span of time. PYR agency since collaborated with Decca on several hotel projects and private residences, including the Martinez Hotel in Cannes, the Grand Hotel Kronenhof in Pontresina and the Sacher Hotel in Salzburg, amongst others.