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Bolier Rosenau

Designed by Michael Vanderbyl and inspired by the legacy of Biedermeier furniture, the Rosenau collection is created from hand-selected swirl mahogany veneers with inlay of Sapele and contrasting stainless steel details. Placing emphasis on line, proportion and detail, the Rosenau collection brings classic shapes and motifs to life using traditional construction and finishing techniques. The Rosenau collection blends sophistication and elegance; from the delicate Greek key table, the curves of the Thomas writing desk and the intricate shape of the Estate chair.

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Rosenau Estate Chair

Product 50002-0502

Rosenau Estate Chair

Product 50002-0507

Rosenau Estate Chair

Product 50002-1305

Biedermeier Chair

Product 50004

Biedermeier Chair

Product 50004-507

Rosenau Arm Chair

Product 50005

Rosenau Side Chair

Product 50006

Hannah Upholstered Arm Chair

Product 50007

Hannah upholstered Side Chair

Product 50008

Rosenau Upholstered Back Arm Chair

Product 50009

Rosenau Upholstered Back Arm Chair

Product 50009-507

Upholstered Side Chair

Product 50010

Rosenau Side Chair

Product 50010-507

Wood Back Arm Chair

Product 50011

Wood Back Side Chair

Product 50012

Rosenau Chair

Product 50014

Rosenau Chair

Product 50014-507

Arm Chair

Product 50015

Side Chair

Product 50016

Bar Stool

Product 50018

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