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Designed by Lauren Rottet, an array of sophisticated lounge furniture and occasional tables match the renowned interior architect’s timeless elegance. The collection derives from two simple concepts; firstly simple shapes bend to transform into kinetic pieces, creating visual movement. Secondly, the combination of materials with no visible edge creates a fascinating effect as light reflects differently from each material. Distinctive details such as perfectly flared arms and detached backs lend visual excitement and complexity to the designs.

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Square End Table

Product JD-13016

Rottet Side Chair

Product LR-FSC800

Rottet Side Chair

Product LR-SC800

Montauk Acrylic Dining Chair

Product RL-10001

Rottet Montaux Chair

Product RL-10002

Structured Reading Chair

Product RL-12001

Structured Three Seat Sofa

Product RL-12002

Cubist Swivel Chair

Product RL-12004-05

Curve Lounge Chair

Product RL-12006

Cubist Curve Loveseat

Product RL-12008

Cubist Curve Sofa

Product RL-12009

Rattan Lounge Chair

Product RL-12017

Rattan Settee

Product RL-12018

Bent Metal Rectangular Cocktail Table

Product RL-13003

Rottet Powerful Table

Product RL-13006

Rottet Powerful Table

Product RL-13007

Slot Coffee Table

Product RL-13011

Origami Rectangular Coffee Table

Product RL-13012

Quad Square Coffee Table

Product RL-13014

Quad Rectangular Coffee Table

Product RL-13015

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