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Designed by Lauren Rottet, an array of sophisticated lounge furniture and occasional tables match the renowned interior architect’s timeless elegance. The collection derives from two simple concepts; firstly simple shapes bend to transform into kinetic pieces, creating visual movement. Secondly, the combination of materials with no visible edge creates a fascinating effect as light reflects differently from each material. Distinctive details such as perfectly flared arms and detached backs lend visual excitement and complexity to the designs.


Montauk Acrylic Dining Chair

Product RL-10001

Rottet Montaux Chair

Product RL-10002

Structured Reading Chair

Product RL-12001

Structured Three Seat Sofa

Product RL-12002

Cubist Swivel Chair

Product RL-12004

Cubist Narrow Base Swivel Chair

Product RL-12005

Curve Lounge Chair

Product RL-12006

Cubist Curve Loveseat

Product RL-12008

Cubist Curve Sofa

Product RL-12009

Rattan Lounge Chair

Product RL-12017

Rattan Settee

Product RL-12018

Bent Metal Rectangular Cocktail Table

Product RL-13003

Rottet Powerful Table

Product RL-13006

Rottet Powerful Table

Product RL-13007

Rottet Powerful Table

Product RL-13008

Rattan Tray Table

Product RL-13010G

Slot Coffee Table

Product RL-13011

Origami Rectangular Coffee Table

Product RL-13012

Origami Square Coffee Table

Product RL-13013

Quad Square Coffee Table

Product RL-13014

Quad Rectangular Coffee Table

Product RL-13015

Square End Table

Product RL-13016

Asymmetrical table

Product RL-13018

Rottet Wood Nesting Tables Oak

Product RL-13020

Rottet Wood Nesting Tables Ebony

Product RL-13021

Rottet Lacquer Nesting Tables

Product RL-13022

Rottet Lacquer Nesting Tables

Product RL-13023

Rottet Dining Table

Product RL-15003

Drop Leave Dining Table

Product RL-15006

Montauk Buffet

Product RL-15009

Rottet Mobile Storage Unit

Product RL-15011

Montauk Buffet

Product RL-15014