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Inversion, a collaboration between Decca and Studio MHNA, it is a collection that reflects the true French spirit. Inspired by classical silhouettes, each piece has been designed with contemporary elements achieving a creative aesthetic suited for modern as well as traditional settings. Following the great tradition of cabinetmaking in France, the furniture is made from in the finest materials with intricate veneer placement and finishes, highlighting the beauty of each form.

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Dining Chair

Product HA-10001

Nest Lounge chair

Product HA-12001

Nest bench

Product HA-12002

Nest sofa

Product HA-12003

Easy Chair

Product HA-12005

Nest Sectional Sofa

Product HA-12008

Side table

Product HA-13001

Spiral console

Product HA-13002

Spiral coffee table

Product HA-13003

Spiral coffee table

Product HA-13004

Arche side table

Product HA-13005

Grace side table

Product HA-13006

Grace side table

Product HA-13007

Arche square side table

Product HA-13008

Arche Square Table

Product HA-13009

Arche Square Side Table

Product HA-13010

Arche Square Side Table

Product HA-13011

Arche cocktail table

Product HA-13012

Arche cocktail table

Product HA-13014

Grace Cocktail Table

Product HA-13016

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