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Bolier Kata

Kata: from the Japanese word for form. True to the spirit of the refined Japanese aesthetic, designer John Black pairs purist lines with rich materials to create a collection that brings warmth, intimacy and grace to the home. Using veneer in either a brown red or dark espresso color with accent finishes of black lacquer and gold gilt, Kata provides the feel of Asian antiques with a more modern feel.

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Upholstered Side Chair

Product 80002

Upholstered Armchair

Product 80003

Open Back Side Chair

Product 80004

Open Back Armchair

Product 80005

Side Stool

Product 80008

Arm Stool

Product 80009

Side Chair

Product 80010


Product 80011

Bar Side Stool

Product 80012

Bar Arm Stool

Product 80013

Round Spot Table

Product 83001

Lattice Coffee Table

Product 83003

Soriashi Coffee Table

Product 83004

Table Two Side Table

Product 83005

Display Stand

Product 83008

Canted Side Table

Product 83009

Drinks Stand

Product 83010B

Console Table

Product 83012

Gilt Bench

Product 83014

Alta Console

Product 83015

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