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Bolier Domicile

Designed by Michael Vanderbyl, Domicile blends rich aesthetic influences into a contemporary collection that allows for striking compositions of silhouettes and contrasting materials. Scaled and styled for today’s interiors, Domicile answers our innate desire for beauty. The Crescent Chair pays homage to Parisian modernist Jean Michel Frank with a wide seat and wing-like back built of quartered cerused oak that highlights texture. While the striking cocktail table pairs Carrara marble with polished stainless steel, the unique Arch coffee table is shaped in opulent Macassar ebony veneer.


Side Chair

Product 60002

Crescent Dining Side Chair

Product 60002-0611

Dining Arm Chair

Product 60003

Cane Back Dining Arm Chair

Product 60004-0601

Counter Stool

Product 60005-0601

Counter Stool

Product 60006-0601

Wood Back Arm Chair

Product 60007-0611

Wood Back Side Chair

Product 60008-0611

Upholstery Back Arm Chair

Product 60009-0611

Upholstery Back Side Chair

Product 60010-0615

Upholstered Back Bar Stool

Product 60011

Upholstery Back Side Chair

Product 60012

Crescent Lounge Chair

Product 62001

Crescent Ottoman

Product 62002

Cube Chair

Product 62003-0611

Cane Side Chair

Product 62004


Product 62005


Product 62010

Sectional Right Arm Facing

Product 62012

Sectional Left Arm Facing

Product 62013

Chaise Right Arm Facing

Product 62014

Chaise Left Arm Facing

Product 62015

Frank JR sofa

Product 62017

Frank JR Loveseat

Product 62018

Lounge Chair with Wood Base

Product 62022

Lounge Chair without Wood Base

Product 62023

Frank JR Chair

Product 62024

Day bed

Product 62031

Cube Chair

Product 62032

Curved Back Lounge Chair

Product 62033

Curved Tub Chair

Product 62034-0601

Curved Back Lounge Chair

Product 62035

Sofa (Large)

Product 62036

Sofa with 2 Bolsters

Product 62037


Product 62038

Ebony Lounge Chair

Product 62039

Ebony Sofa

Product 62041


Product 62044

Lounge Chair

Product 62045

Lounge Chair Square Back

Product 62046

Lounge Chair

Product 62047


Product 62048

Shelter Sofa

Product 62049

Fully Upholstered Cube Chair

Product 62050

Cube Chair

Product 62051


Product 62052

Loveseat without Wood Base

Product 62410

Lounge Chair

Product 62411


Product 62444

Arch Coffee Table

Product 63001

Zoe Round Coffee Table

Product 63005

Zoe Square Coffee Table

Product 63007

Pier Square Side Table

Product 63010

Pier Round Side Table

Product 63011

Zoe Round Side Table

Product 63015

Zoe Square Side Table

Product 63017

Small Arch Coffee Table

Product 63022

Entertainment Console

Product 63029

Flat Screen Platform

Product 63030

Arch Coffee Table

Product 63031

Rectangular Coffee Table

Product 63032

Square Coffee Table

Product 63033

Round Coffee Table

Product 63034

Drinks Table

Product 63036

X Base Side Table

Product 63037

Side Table

Product 63043

Side Table with Amber Crotch Top

Product 63043-0613

Side Table

Product 63044

A Stool

Product 63045

B Stool

Product 63046

F Stool

Product 63047

G Stool

Product 63048

Side Table

Product 63049

Coffee Table

Product 63050

Coffee Table

Product 63051

Coffee Table

Product 63052

Cocktail Table

Product 63053

Cocktail Table with Amber Crotch Top

Product 63053-0613

Cocktail Table

Product 63054

Coffee Table

Product 63055

Cocktail Table

Product 63057

Table with Shelf

Product 63058

Large Side Table

Product 63060

Entertainment Cabinet

Product 63063-0611

Coffee Table

Product 63064

Side Table

Product 63065

Coffee Table

Product 63066

B Stool

Product 63067

F Stool

Product 63068

G Stool

Product 63069

A Stool

Product 63070

Drinks Table

Product 64001


Product 64002-0601


Product 64003-0611

Pier Dining Table

Product 65001

Bevel Dining Table

Product 65005

Round Pier Dining Table

Product 65006

Square Pier Dining Table

Product 65007

Dining Table

Product 65008

Dining Table

Product 65009

Dining Table

Product 65010

Tall Credenza

Product 65011


Product 65015

Oval Dining Table

Product 65016


Product 65017


Product 65018


Product 65019


Product 65020


Product 65021


Product 65022


Product 65024-0615

Bevel Dining Table

Product 65025

Bevel Dining Table

Product 65026

Metropolitan Queen Bed

Product 66001

Soma Queen Bed

Product 66021

Soma Queen Bed

Product 66027

Side Table

Product 66040

Zoe Large Bedside Table

Product 66041

Zoe Small Bedside Table

Product 66042

Triple Dresser

Product 66051

Tall Chest

Product 66052

Six Drawer Chest

Product 66053


Product 66061


Product 66062

Tall Mirror

Product 67001

Wall Mirror

Product 67002